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About The Network

You're deciding to seek advice on the valuation of your business and now you need to locate a credible and capable service provider? Did you know an interesting fact about our network is that The Business Valuer Network is group of participating business valuation practitioners across Australia who are either AIBB Certified Practising Valuers, or have been long term business brokers and valuers and are qualified to provide you with the right business valuation advice no matter what your needs may be:

  • Business Valuations (Small Business to Large Enterprise)
  • Migration Business Valuation & Syndicated Valuations
  • Partnership Dissolution Valuations
  • Merger/Private Equity Valuations
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Family Court Valuations

Most businesses are established over many years of hard work and careful management so it makes sense that you need an experienced professional to represent your interests when seeking a valuation. The business valuations provided by associates of the Business Valuer Network are tailored to meet your expectations. No matter which state you reside in we have an independent business valuer on standby to meet with you and provide a no-cost initial assessment and indication on what type of business valuation you will need and the likely cost of that business valuation. Simply follow the links to your closest region below:

Once you are introduced to a business valuer who is a part of our network please realise that your business relationship is a direct one on one relationship and the role of the network as an introducer is then at an end and your business relationship with the individual business valuer commences.


To learn more about our network email support@businessvaluer.net.au