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Appraisal Reports

 An appraisal report is not a valuation report. An appraisal report is most commonly utilised by a business broker who uses an appraisal report as an indicator of the likely price he can list and sell a business for his seller.

An appraisal report is considered to be a more optimistic report than a valuation. An appraisal report lis likely to be a shorter, more condensed report than a valuation and an appraisal report is usually meant only for the eyes of the potential seller, whereas a valuation report may be relied upon by third parties such as banks or the family court.

An appraisal  report can be produced far more quickly than a well researched and comprehensive valuation report and finally an appraisal report may tend to reproduce generic material and be 'puffed up ' with marketing and photographic addenda. An appraisal report will not include items such as an index or canvas the different types of valuation methods, concentrating instead on a single valuation method.

Members and associates of the Business valuer network can certainly produce appraisal reports and the cost involved is substantially less than a full, detailed valuation report. What type of report is best suited to your business circumstances can be discussed with your business valuer network valuer expert.

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