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Bookshop retailing has undergone major changes in Australia over the last decade. Prior to the mid 1980’s, most books were sold either by newsagents or major chain bookshops. The major chains then altered their marketing strategy from owning their own bookshops to having franchise owners. 
These innovations created a major growth in retail bookshops. Many of these are situated is shopping centres, whereas in the past most bookshops were usually in strip shops. 
Newsagents have been severely affected by these changes in the bookshop industry; very few newsagents have an extensive range of books. Most now just have a token display of books. 
Several types of retail bookshops can be considered by people wishing to enter the retail book industry. 
Franchised Bookshops - control a major portion of the industry, especially for novels and general interest books. These bookshops are located in high passing by traffic areas such as shopping centres and CBD sites. 
Franchised bookshops are large, with extensive stocks.
Specialist Bookshops - a number of bookshop owners have specialized in a particular sector of the market. Being a general bookshop is difficult in today’s market because of the lack of purchasing power of an independent owner when compared to the franchised chains and department stores. 
Educational Bookshops – a large number of bookshops specialize in selling educational books, especially text books required by the local schools. These Educational Bookshops tend to be quite large businesses and usually been in existence for many years. 
Second-hand Bookshops – these bookshops usually buy second-hand books off customers for resale. Usually for small quantities of books the customer will only be paid in the form of credits (i.e. have to buy books from the shop). Many avid readers of books use second hand bookshops. 
The main concern with these stores is assessing the worth and salability of the stock. Also monitoring the stock and having staff know what is in store is difficult.