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Buy a Business

When it comes to the decision to buy a business there are many factors to consider. Not only do you need to choose the correct type of industry suitable for your needs, but you also need to understand the value in any business you may wish to buy. To buy a business at the right price is paramount as the entry price will likely determine any future capital gains potential you may realise at a later date when you eventually exit. If you buy a business well, manage it intensively and add value there is every chance you will realise a capital gain when you finally sell the business.

However if you buy a business and pay too much, then you will find yourself asking an unrealisable amount for the business when it comes time to sell the business. This is an understandable human emotion to recover all the purchase costs and ancilliary costs in your asking price, but buyers of businesses are not interested in "what you need" to sell, they themselves are interested only in buying the business at a fair or favourable price themselves. Therefore there is little point in telling your business broker what you need to sell, he can only get you what the market will pay.

The solution is to have the business you are considering buying valued before you buy it. When you buy a business you need a professional business valuer on your team. His business valuation report will assist you in your negotiations with the business seller, will assist you with finance with your business banker and will minimise your entry risk.

Business valuer network associates can help you buy a business well. They can also give you a proposal on examining several potential purchases and give you opinion on the risk factors on several industries, so you start the process to buy a business on a solid footing.

Call business valuer network co ordinator graham O'Hehir now on 1300 634 588 and he will direct you to a business valuer network associate close to you.