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Divorce Valuations

Divorce valuations usually involve the family home, other property, jewellery and household valuables.

Sometimes the marriage also lists as an asset the family business or a share of a business. Divorce valuations involving a business invariably result in an expert business valuer being appointed by the family court or by one or both of the marriage participants.

It is important that an unbiased third party who is expert in business valuations be appointed for divorce valuations involving a business. Real estate valuers often do not practice in the area of divorce valuations of businesses and the accountant involved may feel he has a conflict of interest by being too closely associated with one of the spouses.

The best manner to have divorce valuations of businesses conducted is through a member of the Business Valuer Network.  Our associates in this business valuation co-operative perform hundreds of divorce valuations for businesses arround Australia each year and we are located in all Australia's cities.

Wives are often at a disadvantage in divorce valuations regarding the family business as there is a significant prcentage of wives who may not have as deep a knowledge base of the business operations, busines profit or business market value as their spouse may have. Therefore  it is imperative they are well represented and well advised in divorce valuations of businesses.To discuss your divorce valuations circumstances with an expert of the BVN contact national co-ordinator Graham O'Hehir on 1300634 588 or email support@businessvaluer.net.au.