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Family Court Service

A professional family court service offered by Australia's most prominent business valuer network is our promise. Business Valuer Network offers family court lawyers a comprehensive business valuation family court service for their clients. When your client is involved in a divorce which involves a family owned business it is imperative that they are protected from being reimbursed a disproportionately low amount for their share of  business ownership.

Wives or husbands who are not involved in the business may not appreciate the true market value of a business. If they are not fully informed over a period of years about the growth and scope of a business they may not appreciate its true profitability and value to the open market place. 

If a business is profitable then it usually has at least some goodwill. This is where the experts associated with Business Valuer Network can step in and provide an expert valuation report which is formatted to comply with Family Court of Australia requirements. 

No it is not cheap , but yes it is good value. Business Valuer Network has many examples where hundreds of thousands of dollars of value recognition resulted from a family court service valuation report costing only three or four thousand dollars. 

Contact Business Valur Network co-ordinator Graham O'Hehir on 1300634588 and Graham will then recommend the right family court service valuer in your city for your business and your circumstances.