Family law valuations

Divorce valuation

When it comes to family law valuations, BVNís (Business Valuer Network) unbiased experts can help you to reach an amicable consensus with expert valuation of your businessí assets and market value.

One of the most challenging matters small business owners will face during the divorce process is the securing of a mutually agreed value of both partiesí assets. We can provide a professional business valuation for divorce cases to clarify and ascertain the value of your assets, as well as the market value of your business.

BVNís (Business Valuer Network) experts are experienced in family law valuations. We have our finger on the pulse when it comes to small business sales. Our vast pool of current, relevant sales data allows us to collectively complete more than 300 family court valuations every year.

If you need to obtain the professionally assessed market value of your business for a retrospective court date or require a divorce valuation prepared by independent experts, we are here to help.

Contact us to discuss your particular family court valuation, or call us on 1300 634 588 today.