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Join The Network

Would you like to join the network of business valuers? Are you a Registered Business Valuer of The Australian Institute of Business Brokers?

Are you a valuer of a SME's or a Business Broker who does valuations of small businesses and have been in practice for more than ten years?

Are you a practising Chartered Accountant or a CPA who does business valuations?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes then you may be able to join the Network.

Contact Graham O'Hehir at BVN head office at support@businessvaluer.net.au and explore whether you and the network have interests in common and can add value to servicing Australia's SME community. 

Depending on the level of web enquiry and the niche you believe you can fill we may well be able to assist you to join the network. It will depend on whether we believe we can generate enough traffic to give you a realistic number of leads each month, as we would like to give you genuine value for your annual subscription fees should you join the network. We recognise there is no point in paying to belong to this peer group and join the network if you do not receive a reasonable supply of genuine valuation enquiry.

Do not hesitate to enquire about your ability to join the network and we will be pleased to try and accommodate you within the valuer network.