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Machinery Valuations

Machinery valuations are a specific area of business valuation practice in Australia. There are tens of thousands of Australian businesses which have an inventory of machinery and this machinery may need a machinery valuation for taxation purposes, it may need a machinery valuation for depreciation purposes, it may need a machinery valuation for write off purposes or it may need a machinery valuation for value and reserve prices to be set prior to the machinery being auctioned off, it may also need a machinery valuation because the whole business is to be sold and the buyer and the seller have agreed to have a machinery valuer value all the machinery rather than simply rely on the depreciated value of the machinery as per the June thirty balance sheet valuation of the machinery.

The qualified machinery valuer is likely to be either Mr Paul Nielsen or Mr Miles McNaughton as these two machinery valuers are regarded as the most expert machinery valuation practitioners in Australia. The machinery valuer will likely adopt one of three values based on three different methods, which are in layman's terms, the value the machinery would fetch if it were offered for sale in an orderly sale disposal process, the machinery valuations based on either a distressed sale situation, or a depreciated valuation machinery valuations method.


Our machinery valuations experts have access to the world's largest database of machinery dsales evidence, so it is highly likely they will have data relevant to your situation.

Paul or Miles can advise you of the best way to approach the machinery valuations conundrum you face. www.businessvaluer.net.au.