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Manufacturers are at the core of small medium business activity in Australia. many other businesses such as wholesalers, distributors, retailers and service businesses such as transport, advertising agencies and accountants all depend on the source business for custom. That source business is Manufacturers.

Manufacturers can be as small as a husband and wife team, through to manufacturers employing twenty staff...up to massive privately owned manufacturers such as the Visy Group which empoys up to ten thousand people.

Manufacturers are attractive to buyers because they are not just a local business, but in fact can view the entire Australian continent as their marketplace.

Manufacturers do need sophisticated owners with broad skill sets and deep pockets as they are complicated businesses with working capital and debtor management challenges.

The rewards of buying and owning manufacturers are many but so too are the risk factors. Before you buy a manufacturer you see being offered for sale you should engage the professional services of a competent business valuer and commission a comprehensive business valuation report.

To discuss the fee structure of a manufacturing business (which will range between three thousand dollars and fifteen thousand dollars , depending on the complexity of the manufacturer)....call Graham O'Hehir on 1300 634 588 at Business Valuer Network. He will then get for example the appropriate Sydney business valuer to call you.