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Market Evidence

Market evidence is of primary importance to the Business valuers of Australia, but it is difficult to obtain quality evidence. Business Valuer Network is a collective of valuers in all mainland states who share sales data information. Our associates are involved in nearly 2,000 business sales each year and collectively do hundreds of business valuations across over 60 different industries and over 200 business niche categories.

Where does the Business valuer network source its market evidence from?

Our business valuer network associates are collectively members of over 20 organisations and also subscribe to numerous databases and subscription information publications. We source sales date from : The ASX, IbisWorld, Dun and Bradstreet Company 360, The Australian Institute of Business Brokers, state based business broking organisations, State based real estate institutes, businessesview, bizexhange,  GMO, buyabusiness.com.au to name but a few. We are also on good terms with hundreds of business brokers Australia wide and share market evidence with them on a confidential and privacy act sensitive basis.

We also share market evidence with each other and cross blog within our group of seventeen valuers when we need collective wisdom on a particular valuation based on market evidence.

Our shared data and market evidence is an invaluable tool in helping business proprietors, business buyers, accountants, family lawyers, the court system and government entities find value and reach consensus on the value of Australia's SMEs.

For more information on the market evidence we could bring to the table on your particular valuation scenario....contact the Business valuer network co-ordinator graham o'hehir on 1300634588.