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Partnership Dissolutions

Partnership dissolutions are common place in business. Eventually every partnership comes to an end. Some partnership dissolutions and amicably after decades of success , but some partnersip dissolutions and acromoniously after only months in patnership. Many businesses are based on partnerships. Whether they are based on a shareholding or number of units in a unit trust or are simply a partnership between two individuals they all share one thing in common .....and that is they eventually come to an end.

When your partnership is coming to an end you will need a value for the business which is owned by the partnership. Your shareholding may be a controlling share or a 50%  share or a minority share. This may cause your shareholding to be valued at parity to full value, or either a premium or at a discount.

Issues such as "loss of control' or "lack of marketabilty " will be taken into account.

For all the above reasons it is critical that you and your partners seek unbiased outside advice in determining the value of a business when a partnership is being terminated.

Your partnership dissolution is possibly the most important business negotiation you will be nivolved in for many years to come so it is critical you find and utilise the right partnership dissolutions advisor.

Contact Graham O'Hehir co-ordinator of the Business Valuer Network for further guidance on partnership dissolutions. email www.support@businessvaluer.net.au