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Sell my Small Business

I want to sell my small business. How do I start and who do I need to help me?

We suggest you start with your accountant. He will firstly advise you on the taxation consequences of your decision to "sell my small business" and the superannuation and succession and retirement outcomes.

He will also be able to provide you with the most up to date financials and profitabilty of your small business, as it is the maintainable profit which is the biggest driver of the saleable value of your small business.

However your accountant may not wish to value your small business for sale. Why? Because he may feel he is too close to the business and has a conflict of interest, or he may not carry insurance for valuations. He may also not feel confident about having accurate market evidence.

Therefore he may suggest you have a recognised business valuer do the business valuation for you . There is a strong likelihood he will recommend the Business Valuer Network to you to prepare a business valuation report so you can sell your small business with confidence.

So how do I sell my small business? I sell my small business with a Business Valuer Network written report to show to prospective purchasers.