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Small Business Sell

Small business sell and small business buy are terms which are all about marketing well and engaging the services who are expert in small business sell strategies, small business sell valuers and small business buy profiling.

You need as a seller of a small business to understand what a small business buyer is wanting, desiring and thinking. You need a broker who is a small business sell strategist, not someone who just takes a listing and throws an ad in the newspaper or on the web. A good business broker will make things happen, not just lay back and hope a buyer will come along by chance. Cross marketing of multi media is essential. As graham O'Hehir points out, you should have your business placed on at least 5 websites from www.buyabusiness.com.au to www.businessesforsale.com. plus newsletters, accountants mail outs and press and worrd of mouth marketing.

 Small business sell strategies also involve pricing the business correctly. Small business sell planning involves talking to your accountant about the tax consequences of a sale, talking to your business broker about the timing of the sale, and having a small business sell gameplan which involves a good conveyancer and a good stockater such as those found on www.perthvaluer.com.au  or www.sydneyvaluer.com.au

your small business sell strategy will soon take shape if you chat with business valuer network co ordinator Graham O'Hehir on 1300634588.