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SME Valuations

SME valuations refers to the valuation of small medium enterprises. Whilst there is no official description of what constitutes a small medium enterprise, there is government legislation which suggests that any business employing more than 20 employees and less than 200 employees could be described as an SME.

The valuation of SME's is the core of the Business Valuer Network activities. Our specialist valuers are expert in valuation of manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and exporters, service businesses and also in hospitality and accomodation valuations. Food industry valuations are also within our skill and experience backgrounds.

Probably the largest single area of SME valuation revolves arround the retail sector and we have several specialist retail business valuers. The business valuer network employs the most respected valuation methodology and valuation and appraisal approaches to produce an SME valuation wihich is logical, sequential and defendable.

SME valuations are critical to the engine room of Australian enterprise, It is reported that SME's are Australia's largest employer group and the wealth created and the employment involved in SME's should not be underestimated. Regrettably the SME valuations which the politicos of Australia are involved with is disappointingly low. Some states have no minister looking after SME's. Fortunately the current Australian Government has recently seen fit to create a portfolio for SME's.

SME valuations are often required by Australian banks as part of the business loan approval process. The business valuer network has members who are on varous bank valuation panels including Westpac and St George property management valuation panels.

SME valuations are the most common form of business valuations conducted by the seventeen associates of the Business Valuer Network. One of our associates conducted 40 individual SME valuations last year and collectively we conducted 200 SME valuations for Australia's business proprietors. 

If you wish to ascertain what your SME is worth in a market value situation contact the Business Valuer Network co-ordinator Graham O'Hehir on 1300 634 588.