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Supermarket Valuations

Supermarket valuations are one of the most common valuation reports prepared by the associates of the Business Valuer Network. Because we have seventeen valuers in the network and are located in seven Australian cities, we see dozens of supermarkets, convenience stores, servos, liquor stores and general stores on our valuation travels.

Probably the most common supermarket valuations are conducted on IGA supermarkets, which is a franchise run by the publicly listed company Metcash Limited . The IGA and Super IGA brands encompass several hundred supermarkets across Australia.

Supermarket valuations also include non- branded supermarkets and general stores in regional Australia and we have completed supermarket valuations from as far as Kununurra Western Australia to Devenport in Tasmania.

The Business Valuer Network has extensive supermarket valuations benchmarks and sales data to draw from and we have extensive sales evidence on supermarket sales evidence, turnover, profit margins and wage costs to compare the subject business against comparable sales.

Some of our valuers and the sales teams they work with also have close historical working relationships with Woolworths and Coles personnel and even have relationships dating back to the Davids and Foodland eras in the 1990's, so we fully understand where the industry has come from and where it is heading. We understand the new development of petrol retailing being associated with supermarket retailing, and the lobbying for Pharmacy retailing to become part of the supermarkets retailing jigsaw in the near future, So if you need a supermarket valuations report, the business valuer network can assist you. 


For more information, contact the business valuer network co-ordinator Graham O'Hehir at support@businessvaluer.net.au. or call 1300 634 588