Valuation Services

Whatever your reasons for requiring a business valuation or the type of valuation services required, the various associates of the Business Valuer Network can assist and  our professional, honest and friendly approach can answer all the questions you need answered...

  • How much is your business worth to sell?
  • How much should you pay for a business or franchise?
  • How much should you invest in setting up or establishing a start-up SME or business?
  • How should you handle the migration or syndication of a business if that opportunity arises?
  • How do you facilitate the efficient and fair dissolution of a partnership when it is time to part ways?
  • In the event of a divorce what are those shared assets worth and how they are appropriately and fairly divided?
  • How much should you insure your life, business, stock or assets, or protect your business or income through strategic and necessary insurance policies. Are you prepared for all contingencies?
  • And what can you do if you are given an incorrect or disappointing offer on your business that you know is unlikely to be correct - as is most often the case in family court valuations, estate administrations and the like?

Many of the associates of the Business Valuation Network have been involved in the industry for over 25 years and enjoy having the reputation of Australia's most established business brokers, valuers or agents. Regardless of the valuation services parameter (corporate valuation, SME valuation, small business valuation, micro business valuation) you can contact us for an initial indicative consultation and advice on the type of valuation services report suited to your circumstances. Our seventeen valuers are located in all Australian main cities, so your location is not a problem, we are nearby with professional valuation assistance. So remember, regardless of the type of valuation services required, the BVN can help.