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Valuing Businesses

Valuing businesses is not easy even if you know how. Valuing businesses is a complex matter and the valuation needs to be logical, sequential and defendable, particulkarly if the valuation is challenged in court.

There are a myiad of issues to be canvassed and investigate before valuing a business. Do you base the valuation on one years profit or averaging several years profits. Do you use an owner driven profit or an EBIT profit model. Do you use comparative sales data or use valuation theory. And what if the business is unusual or unique in its service, product or other intellectual property it may have such as technology or patents or copyrights or trademarks?

These are all questions best left to a specialist expert. Valuing businesses is best in the hands of the business valuer network.He knows which is the appropite valuation theory and the relevant valuation model to apply when valuing businesses in your industry category. If you use a land valuer he may have no such knowledge.

Between our 17 valuers we have the years of experience and width of industry knowledge to comprehensively go about valuing business in a hundred different sectors. contact Business valuer network by emailing support@businessvaluer.net.au.