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Valuing Your Business

Valuing your business is a complex task. What you want as a sale price for your business and what it is worth to the market place are two differenet outcomes in most cases. That is not to say that the value you place on your business is always higher than the market value....it is sometimes possible the owner does not fully appreciate what he has and a buyer may see something in the business that he does not.

However the critical issue is that valuing your business is an essential pre requisite to a successful sale outcome. It gives the buyer and his banker and accountant confidence and lowers your indemnity risk.

Of course valuing your business is absolutely essential when you are admitting a new partner and is also vital when a divorce causes the family court to require an independent third party report on the market value of the business. so who is best placed to produce an accurate and relevant business valuation?

It should be someone who has current and relevant sales evidence of comparable businesses which have recently sold in the same market place. It should be compiled by someone who is trained in business valuation theory and someone who, in valuing your business, is aware of the macro and micro pressures on the business from competition , government policy and worldwide economic forces.

Valuing your business is a task best undertaken by a member of the Business Valuer Network, who is well regarded by the business community and who is dedicated to the science of business valuation.