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Want to Sell my Business

I want to sell my business! So what are the steps I need to take? Can I sell my  business myself? Should I sell my business myself?

Is it better to sell my business thru a Business Broker? How much would a Business Broker charge me to sell my business? Are some business brokers better than others? Are there business brokers who specialise in just one particular business industry just like mine or are they all generalists.

Should  I be paying a listing fee for the broker to sell my business and what about vendor advertising contibutions...should I give the broker an advertising cheque or should he be able to sell my business just thru his contact base.

How much should I ask for my business?

Does the price I ask be simply what I want or does it have a relationship with the profit the business makes?

Will my accountant be able to set the price or do I need abusiness valuation? Will the valuation reduce my risk and will it help buyers in getting business finance to buy the business off me ?

Business Valuer Network can answer all these questions. Contact BVN at support@businessvaluer.net.au